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Press release for The Sea-God at Sunrise


Journey to Self-Publishing: Interview on Forever Ashley

The Sea-God at Sunrise

Whaling, Historical Fiction, and The Sea-God at Sunrise: Guest Post on Closed the Cover
Cerullean.net: Interview with Paul Western-Pittard
[Podcast] The Bookcast: Shipwrecked. Rescued. Forever Changed. "The Sea-God at Sunrise" interview
[Podcast] Stark Raven Mad: Interview with K.C. Finn


Writing The Sequel: Guest Post

Breaking All The Rules: Cosplay and the Art of Self-Expression

Polygon: Anatomy of a Cosplayer
The Virtual Costumer (International Costumers Guild): Virtual Author Talk
Breaking All The Rules at Anime North: Interview with geekpr0n
Bleeding Cool: Cosplay Interview
Nerd Caliber: Interview with Ger Tysk, Author of "Breaking All The Rules"
Interview with Cosplay Shopper

[Podcast]A3K Radio with Sean Russell on cosplay and "Breaking All The Rules"
[Podcast]Awkward Inquiries with Anthony Chodor